Monday, March 28, 2011

Why Bother?

What could be less interesting than yet another blog wherein somebody writes 'film reviews'? A family reunion photo blog, perhaps?

Let's start off by defining what this is hopefully going to be, provided I don't immediately lose interest: brief write-ups of anything and everything I'm seeing, provided for my own interest and that of whoever else may be paying attention. Nothing fancy, no in-depth critiques, just a paragraph or two and a screengrab is what I'm imagining. I don't plan to reiterate the plots of the films I'm talking about beyond the briefest of descriptions, mostly because I'm lazy.

If I bring anything unusual to the table, it's likely a strong predisposition towards the macabre or perverse, and an eclectic palate for cinema. So, if I do keep this going, expect a little bit of almost everything here. I'm a former exploitation-psychotronic-horror head who loves documentaries, foreign film (especially but not limited to that of Japan), action, drama, not so much comedy usually, something sexy, something scary, Something Weird.

Stay tuned.

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