Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wishmaster (1997)

Impressive flashback sequence at the beginning, some inventive sloppy 80s style gore happening, a handful of horror veterans (the most prominent being Robert Englund), a monster with some funny lines and charisma a la Pinhead...

It's just not enough to overcome Tammy Lauren's dire lead performance as Alexandra Amberson, damaged person with depth, whose task it becomes to rid the world of the Djinn (horrible demon tricksters not at all like Robin Williams, we are told).

The gimmick is a pretty good one, albeit poorly exercised: the Djinn uses your wishes against you, punishing you in some sneaky way, flipping your words around and creating a few striking death or torture scenarios in the process. Sadly, the real promise of this premise was hardly explored here beyond f/x work; a little more of the "million dollars" type wish delivery would have been beneficial to the film as a whole, I think.

The ending was dumb but I guess it would have been truly surprising were it were otherwise. That Wishmaster has spawned no less than three sequels is -- actually making me shake my head from side to side.


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